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Lamar Jackson Gets Non-Exclusive Franchise Tag

Photo: Courtney Culbreath

Doug Gottlieb Show News Anchor Dan Beyer reports that the Baltimore Ravens have officially dropped the non-exclusive franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson, which means other teams in the NFL can make offers for the rights to Lamar Jackson if they’re willing to pay the price. Doug considers which squads would be interested in his services and determines there are only a few who might have the resources to afford him. Of those potential landing spots, Doug can’t see anybody but the Atlanta Falcons truly stepping up to acquire his services.

Doug Gottlieb: “Now we buckle up and we see what exactly what happens...I think it’s Falcons or Panthers, and really it feels like the Falcons are a one-horse race. And the only question is: will the Falcons offer a guaranteed 5-year contract?”