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Kevin Garnett’s LeBron James Conspiracy Theory Helps Anthony Davis

Photo: Jason Miller

Hall of Fame NBA legend Kevin Garnett proposed a conspiracy theory claiming LeBron James may not be as injured as he says and is only trying to load manage his minutes as we approach the NBA playoffs. Covino & Rich aren’t really buying it, but regardless, it’s an opportunity for Anthony Davis to step up and prove he can be the leader the Lakers have been looking for. And it does seem that Davis has turned up his game as he is currently dominating whenever he steps on the court.

Steve Covino: “With LeBron being out, by default, Anthony Davis’ mindset has to be, ‘Well now I’m going to show them that I could lead this team...”

Rich Davis: “It is very clear that when LeBron accomplishes something, Anthony Davis is like, back-of-the-line high 5.”