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The Time is Right for Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay to Break Up

Photo: Patrick McDermott

Doug Gottlieb: "Last year, the Packers probably kicked themselves in many ways for letting it go on for one year. But on the other hand, if he would have forced a trade last year, there would be a lot of people who would call the Packers idiots. Now I think everybody knows it's just time. He's not coming off a great year. Jordan Love has actually looked like he can play the position, when previously he couldn't. It's not like you did wrong by him. You gave him a new contract with a bunch of money up front. If anything, I think Aaron lost more from last year, while the Packers gained more."

Doug Gottlieb believes now is the best time for the Packers and Aaron Rodgers to go their separate ways. Doug explains how both sides have reached a point where a separation would be accepted by a majority of Packers fans, and that fans will respect the move much more this offseason as opposed to how they would have handled it a year ago.