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LaVar Arrington: Nick Saban is Trying to Protect Alabama's Legacy

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Alabama v Kansas State

Photo: Getty Images

Today on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington and Jonas Knox react to Nick Saban suspending Bama's DB Tony Mitchell while simultaneously taking a swipe at Basketball Coach Nate Oats for how he handled the situation with star player, Brandon Miller. LaVar goes on to compare the situation to the scandal at Penn State and how easy it is for one person to ruin the reputation of an institution.

LaVar Arrington: "Why would you not protect what you've built? One of the things that I can honestly say from experience is when somebody helps to build legacy, but they're a part of hurting it, that S- hits differently. Like, Jerry Sandusky was a major part of helping to build the legacy at Penn State and when all that stuff happened, he was single handedly a person that tore down the legacy of what Penn State represented, and it was replaced with infamy. It's the worst thing when you see your reputation destroyed or altered and you had nothing to do with it...
So when you're talking about protecting that reputation, that's something that I'm sure Nick Saban is very adamant about doing because I can guarantee you, nobody is looking at [Nate Oats] like he holds the tradition and the legacy and the value of Alabama, like Nick Saban does."