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The Packers Drop the Ball on Rodgers

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “The Packers couldn’t wait to talk about Aaron Rodgers in the past tense, all they did was torpedo their entire value for him. Now after all of this they are saying they don’t need a first round pick for Rodgers, which is why the deal isn’t done yet. The Packers couldn’t be cool, the Jets are going to get what they wanted now.
Mike Harmon: “The Jets saying they don’t need a first round pick for Rodgers was extremely laughable. The Packers seem defeated, regarding the trade demand, it was a crazy thought to think you were going to get two first rounder’s’.  The Packers had everyone on their side and they blew it!”

Today on The Jason Smith Show, Jason and Mike talk about Aaron Rodgers and how the Green Bay Packers misplayed this entire situation with his Rodgers value. Jason gives the listeners his famous ‘I told you so’ after implying he told everyone that the Packers were going to drop the ball if they didn’t get the deal done sooner.