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You’re Being Lied to About Lamar Jackson and the Ravens

Photo: Rob Carr

Lamar Jackson tweeted that he requested a trade from the Baltimore Ravens back on March 2nd and Doug Gottlieb isn’t buying what Jackson is selling. The narrative that somehow the Ravens don’t want him, refuse to pay him what he’s worth, and won’t surround him with enough talent is demonstrably false. The real reason Lamar Jackson isn’t getting paid is because of his unreasonable salary demands, and any suggestion otherwise is simply untrue.

Doug Gottlieb: “Please don’t believe for one second this: ‘Ravens don’t want him.’ No, they want him. They offered him a ton of money. ‘The Ravens haven’t supported him, haven’t surrounded him with talent.’ That’s not true either. Just not true at all...You have been lied to so many times as fans...The truth is the opposite of everything you’ve been told.”