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Colin Cowherd Has a Backup Plan For Jets If They Miss Out On Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “The Jets don’t really have a backup plan [if they don’t land Aaron Rodgers], but I’ll make this argument again, I think the Jets have a great backup plan. Start Zach Wilson and go get one of the two great quarterbacks next year, it’s just one year. It’s a GREAT backup plan. On average there are four lousy teams in the NFL every year – this year: Houston, Chicago, Arizona, Colts. That’s about the league average. Next year we know there are some bad teams potentially— Carolina: rookie quarterback, Houston: rookie quarterback, Indy, Arizona… But Carolina, Houston, and Indy we presume are taking quarterbacks this year, and Arizona is not drafting one because of Kyler Murray’s contract. If the Jets played Zach Wilson and the Falcons played Desmond Ridder, they probably would both win five games. A lot of the other teams that could potentially be bad again next year would have already drafted a quarterback. The other teams that may need a quarterback are going to be far behind the Jets. When you’ve got a Drake Maye at Carolina, and Caleb Williams at USC, those are A+ prospects. Caleb Williams looks pretty close to a ‘can’t-miss.’ Probably need to see a little more of Drake Maye, but he looks special. I think that is the backup plan and I think it’s a viable one. The campaign in Indy that year was ‘Suck For Luck’, it worked. If Andrew Luck had a GM that surrounded him with protection upfront he would still be winning division titles in the league. If the Aaron thing doesn’t work and he goes back to the Packers or retires— in the AFC the Jets could be a 5-win team… It’s just a year.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain the ‘backup plan’ he has for the New York Jets in the event of Aaron Rodgers remaining with the Packers or retiring, as Colin believes there is actually a ‘great’ alternative for quarterback-starved New York and it's NOT Lamar Jackson.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the Jets should tank with Zach Wilson as their starter this season in pursuit of a high draft pick in 2024, and the rights to select either Caleb Williams from USC, or Drake Maye from North Carolina.

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