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Damian Lillard: It Wasn’t My Decision to Shut It Down

Photo: ezra shaw

Portland Trailblazers superstar Damian Lillard joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He tells Dan he is, in fact, a point guard, not a shooting guard despite how many points he puts up. He says he watches a lot of NBA games and thinks it’s Joel Embiid’s turn to win the MVP award this season. And he makes it clear that it was not his decision to shut it down this season but he understands the team is doing it to protect him from himself.

Dan Patrick: “Is your season over?”

Damian Lillard: “Most likely, yeah.”

Dan: “Your decision?”

Damian: “I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s my decision at all. I think maybe the team (is) protecting me from myself...Every time that I’ve had some type injury like that kind of get irritated or aggravated or something like that, it’s come from just like a heavy load, and stress, and just, you know, going out there and trying to go above and beyond. So, you know, I would say just; there is something there, and also them just trying to protect me from myself as well.”