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There's No Need To Listen To Every Opinion On LSU - Iowa

LSU v Iowa

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb: “We can't even enjoy the fact that a great team beat a great player...that was a pretty damn good team, in an unbelievable sporting event, that got people like who me, who love basketball, but never really got excited about women’s college basketball...I was into it! What are we doing!? It’s not – and look, Angel Reese is a kid. She’s a young woman; she’s a sophomore in college. She clearly lives in the Twitter-sphere, and this is the poison of what Elon Musk is doing, where anyone can buy a blue checkmark and anybody’s opinion is equal to a legitimate opinion...that’s not real. These people don’t matter! They’re not real! This is not real!”

On today's edition of The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug talks about the incredible women's basketball title game between LSU and Iowa, the taunting gesture from LSU's Angel Reese towards Iowa's Caitlin Clark, and why everyone needs to just logoff Twitter for a bit when talking about the fallout from the game!