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Jason Smith: Can The Laker’s Make It to the WCF?

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “The Lakers nearly blew the game, but as it stands they’re in 6th place. Game of the year will be tomorrow night, Clippers vs Lakers at fighting for 5th place in the Western Conference. The question is, do you really want to finish 5th and play the suns in the first round? I don’t want them in the first round; I’d rather play the Kings as the 6 seed. You know that’s exactly what LeBron is thinking right now.  If the Lakers lose tomorrow night then they can drop to 7th seed so a lot is on the line. There is no reason the Lakers can’t make the WCF if they have this type of seeding.”

Mike Harmon: “AD & LeBron will be playing tomorrow night against the Clippers, they’re both going to be shamed into playing. It’s about the franchise & history as well. The problem is they can’t lose these games because they’ll end up in 10th place so you can’t be saying I hope they get the six seed."

Tonight on the Jason Smith Show, Jason & Mike breakdown the big Lakers win against the Utah Jazz in overtime 135-133. They go back and forth regarding tomorrow night’s game between the Clippers & Lakers with major implications for both teams. Jason brings up an interesting point, saying the Lakers should try and fall to the six seed so they don’t have to see the Suns in the first round as a 5 seed. They talk about the importance of AD & LeBron playing at their best for this final stretch in the season.