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LIV Players Should Lose That Chip on Their Shoulder at the Masters

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Now that the NCAA Tournament is over, Dan turns his focus to Augusta and Masters Week. The big story is the LIV Tour players returning to compete directly against the PGA Tour players for the first time since the new golf league absconded with a number of the PGA’s headliners. But this grudge they have against the PGA is of their own making and they shouldn’t be acting like the aggrieved party. And if they don’t have success here at the Masters, it will be an indictment of their entire venture.

Dan Patrick: “They took the money and went to the LIV Tour and disappeared. Now they’re back. I look forward to seeing them. I miss seeing these players. But this grudge that they have, their chip on their shoulder; you created this! And then now you want to be welcomed back with open arms? You tried to dismantle the PGA Tour.”