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The NBA Needs to Get Rid of Back to Backs

Photo: Harry How

Jason Smith: “The back to back games have to go in the NBA, it’s not fair. Lakers played last night, Clippers haven’t played since Saturday night. If you extend the season by 10 days you can get rid of the back to backs, there has to be some type of agreement so players aren’t tired and sitting out at the end of the year. I would be saying the same thing if it were any other team, the Lakers came into this game with a deficit." 

Mike Harmon: “I agree you have to get rid of these back to backs, you want these games to be compelling. You also have to go back to the games when you lose to the Rockets or the Thunder, they could’ve taken care of business there so that could be a discussion. As soon as you start taking money away from people that’s when it won’t work and that’s why we are seeing this now.”

Tonight on the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, the two talked about the Lakers vs Clippers game while it was happening live and the importance of getting rid of back to backs. The Lakers were down 16 at that point in the 125-118 loss. The guys talk about the advantage the Clippers had for playing on Saturday night when the Lakers played less than 24 hours ago. They agree on the fact, the NBA needs to make sure back to backs are the a number one priority in the off-season.