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LIV Golf is Harming Brooks Koepka's Legacy

Photo: Christian Petersen

Dan Beyer: "This is why I'm so anti-LIV Golf. It has completely sucked the air out of so many things. I think its unfair for Brooks Koepka because we aren't talking about his legacy. Its not like he is without blame, but we are so focused on what LIV Golf has done that we don't realize Brooks Koepka is 36 holes away from entering a very rare group of players who have won five career majors."

Dan Beyer and Rich Ohrnberger react to Brooks Koepka's getting to the top of the leaderboard after his first 2 rounds at The Masters. Dan explains why the looming shadow of the LIV Golf Tour is harming perceptions of some of the world's best and most well-known players, as Brooks Koepka could make history and Phil Mickelson is quietly having a strong showing. However, Rich breaks down why he believes the impact of LIV Golf will fizzle out in a few years, and these legacies will be able to be recognized.