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The Lakers Winning the Title Is Not a Legitimate Conversation

Photo: Greg Fiume

Dan Beyer and Olden Polynice are taking over the airwaves for Doug Gottlieb today as the #NBA play-in games tip off tonight. All eyes are on the Los Angeles Lakers facing the Minnesota Timberwolves with more than one hoops pundit believing the Lakers have a real shot to bring home the title despite starting from the 7th seed in the Western Conference. Dan and Olden, however, don’t think that’s anywhere close to reality. There’s a reason they are so far down in the standings and it isn’t because they’re better than the teams ahead of them.

Olden Polynice: “They can’t win. They just don’t have enough, regardless of what they did in the regular season.”

Dan Beyer: “I don’t think the conversation about the Lakers winning a title is a legitimate one.”