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Beer Sales Extensions Are a Bad Look for MLB

Photo: Elsa

Steve Covino and Rich Davis pinch hit for Dan Patrick one last time and they’re calling out Major League Baseball stadiums for extending the time limit for beer sales during games. The shortened games have resulted in a corresponding drop in vending sales and they’re looking to recoup their losses. The reason for ending beer sales early has always been the safety of the fans, but apparently their safety is now taking a backseat to the stadium owners’ pocketbooks. It’s pure hypocrisy and it’s a bad look for the entire league even if only a few teams are doing it.

Rich Davis: “If you’re trying to promote safety then don’t give me this’re looking at it as; the game’s sped up, you lost some alcohol sales and some vending sales, and you’re trying to make up for it!”

Steve Covino: “That’s exactly what happened...don’t insult our intelligence! The reason you’re extending it is ‘cause you got hit in the pocket because of the time clock, the pitch clock.”

Rich: “I don’t like when someone tries to fool me...don’t preach player and fan safety and be like, ‘Hey, guess what we’re doing for you guys!’”

Steve: “Yeah, it’s a bad look.”

Rich: “...For you guys? You’re doing it for you!’”