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Red Ass Rankings Between the Packers and Jets

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens

Photo: Getty Images

As the trade for Aaron Rodgers continues to be kicked down the road, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe rank who has the biggest red ass out of all the players involved. Is it Aaron Rodgers or is it members of the front office for the Packers and Jets? And don't forget about the fan bases. Jonas Knox, LaVar Arrington and Brady Quinn discuss.

Jonas Knox: "Rogers has gotta be steaming, like, the longer this goes, the more he's got to be getting pissed off, which is why I think he absolutely wants to go. I think he absolutely plans on playing a couple of years. He's already shown that if you draft somebody and want to replace him, he's gonna get a red ass and win a couple of MVP's. We thought it was gonna get done but the fact that we're even at this point is pretty funny."