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Bradley Beal is Sued By Fan Over Postgame Incident; Attorney Responds

Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal is being sued by a fan in relation to an incident that took place after his team's 122-112 loss to the Orlando Magic at Amway Center last month.

Kyler Briffa is named in a lawsuit filed in Orange County, Florida, claiming Beal, 29, "stopped, turned around, walked back toward the unsuspecting [Briffa] and without a word, intentionally struck the side of [Briffa's] head knocking his hat off of his head," a copy of the complaint from Briffa's attorney states.

Beal's attorney, Dan Morgan, called the lawsuit, "frivolous litigation" and vowed that "there will be no settlement" in a statement to TMZ Sports.

"No charges have been filed and he is now trying to change the narrative," Morgan said. "We will make sure the standard is clear -- you can't harass people, call them racial slurs, talk about their family, insult their character… and then turn around a sue them on top of that."

An Orlando Police Department complaint obtained by TMZ Sports from March 22 accused Beal of being involved in a confrontation with two fans after the Wizards' 122-112 loss to the Orlando Magic at Amway Center.

A fan reportedly yelled, "You f****d me [out of] $1,300, you f***," at Beal as he was walking through a tunnel to the Wizards' locker room. The guard was reported to have turned around, walked toward the two hecklers and knocked the hat off of one individual's head, according to the complaint.

Beal reportedly went back and forth with the two hecklers, referring to the interaction as "disrespectful."

"Keep it a buck," Beal said, according to the Orlando Police Department complaint. "I don't give a f*** about none of your bets or your parlays, bro. That ain't why I play the game."

The heated exchange continued for about 50 seconds until Beal was ushered to the locker room without an additional incident taking place.

Earlier this month, Beal addressed the incident during the Wizards' exit interview session.

"Nobody wants to lose money. I get it. If you keep it about sports, I'm all for it," Beal said via ESPN. "But I think it's when people start getting personal, talking about your family, talking about your character, your integrity towards the game. I think all of that, we can save it. We can really keep those comments to ourselves."

Beal also said he's noticed a significant increase in nastiness among spectators with more states legalizing sports betting in recent years while addressing the incident.

"I understand. I go to casinos, I gamble, I understand that. But I also understand it's probably a 99% chance I'm going to lose," Beal added. "I'm not sitting here about to get angry at the dealer or angry at everybody else," Beal added via ESPN.

The three-time All-Star averaged 23.2 points, 5.4 assists and 3.9 points per game, while the Wizards finished the 2022-23 season with a 35-47 record, ranking 12th among 15 Eastern Conference teams.

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