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Draymond Green’s Suspension Is Ridiculous

Photo: ezra shaw

Doug Gottlieb does not agree with the NBA’s decision to suspend Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green for the incident that happened during game 2 of their series with the Sacramento Kings. From what Doug saw, Domantas Sabonis was the instigator and Draymond was just trying to get back down the court. Suspending a key player on a team that is already down 0-2 in the playoffs, for an altercation he didn’t start, is ridiculous and unfair to the Warriors.

Doug Gottlieb: “What are we doing here? We’re suspending Draymond Green when Domantas Sabonis flops and falls down, and tries to bring Klay Thompson down with him, and doesn’t succeed, grabs Draymond’s leg, and Draymond steps on him on his way back down the court, like, that’s worthy of a game suspension in a two-games-to-none, best-of-7 series? What are we (doing)? This is ridiculous!”