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It Feels Like Stefon Diggs Will Never Be Happy

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills

Photo: Getty Images

2 Pros and a Cup of Joe try to make sense of why Stefon Diggs decided to skip the Bills voluntary offseason program. Diggs has always been a player that wears his emotion on his sleeve and this move will cost him a significant incentive bonus, showing an obvious frustration with the organization, but Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington wonder if there's any team in the league that can actually satisfy the elite wide receiver.

Brady Quinn: "He's on a good football team. They're in competition to go win a Super Bowl. I just don't get it where some players, it feels like they'll never be happy. Maybe it takes them to get somewhere else where it is a really, really crappy organization because Stefon Diggs has not experienced that."
LaVar Arrington: "I honestly think he might see the handwriting on the wall in Buffalo. Buffalo might have hit their ceiling. And the way their season ended last year, him being upset, he might be lashing out because he is feeling as though he might not be able to have the level of success that he was hoping to have in Buffalo...
Stefon Diggs is one of them overachievers, he definitely isn't okay with just being happy. And receivers are different, man. They're wired different, their personality traits, they're just very different."
Jonas Knox: "There's no guarantees you're gonna make a deep run but all you can go is based on the information you got and based on the information we have, how many other situations in the NFL would be better for a wide receiver? Kansas City? There's no room in Cincy. Like, he's in one of the premier spots for a wide receiver."