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Jason Smith: The Milwaukee Bucks Are Overrated & Underachievers

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Two

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: "The Bucks went on and won by 16 tonight, we don’t talk about the Bucks a lot because they’re boring and that’s a compliment; they go out and win in boring fashion. This Bucks team is pretty deep but without Giannis they would finish 5th in the Eastern Conference. My question is, why haven’t they won three championships with Giannis and the supporting cast? Nobody in the last 30 years has the skillset of Giannis, wouldn’t you say the Bucks are underachieving at this point?"
Mike Harmon: “That was like a Ted Talk, you just blew my mind. I am considering it though, I’m interested in what you’re saying. The Bucks go about their business, that’s how they won their Championship. We don’t talk about this franchise until April, we do this every year so I can get on board with this... Very soon the new question is going to be why don’t you finish the job in June?”

Tonight on the Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon the two best friends talk about how they believe the Milwaukee Bucks are an overrated franchise and underachievers due to only winning one Championship with Giannis on the team. The guys get extremely passionate about the Bucks not being able to finish the job in June. Let’s just say, if the Bucks and Giannis don’t finish the job, they’ll be hearing it from these guys!