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Bijan Robinson Wants To Give Commissioner Goodell Some Bijan Mustard

Photo: Stacy Revere

Doak Walker Award recipient, unanimous All-American selection, former Texas Longhorns RB and current NFL Draft Prospect, Bijan Robinson joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He says he is completely in the dark about when or where he might be drafted next week. They discuss his football journey so far including struggling to choose between USC and Texas as well as modeling his game after LaDainian Tomlinson, and meeting LeBron James when he signed with Klutch Sports. And they talk about his aggressive NIL strategy, including the development of “Bijan Mustard” which Dan suggests he should present to Commissioner Goodell instead of giving him the traditional hug when he gets drafted.

Dan Patrick: “When you’re drafted...”

Bijan Robinson: “Yep?”

Dan: “...instead of hugging the Commissioner...”

Bijan: “Yeah?”

Dan: “...hand him some of your mustard.”

Bijan: “That would actually be, like, pretty awesome!”

Dan: “Yeah!”

Bijan: “OK see, that’s an idea! OK, I’m gonna go back and uh...”

Dan: “Maybe some chicken fingers?”

Bijan: “Don’t be surprised if that actually happens.”