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Jason Smith: "If Tom Brady Returns, it's Miami, San Francisco or Bust"

Photo: Mike Ehrmann

Jason Smith: “Brady can’t even say he’s done and retired... All he had to do was say, ‘No’ and he couldn’t. He still has that door open to play, but it’s very specific. He knows he can’t go to a team that might be good, but rather go to a team where he's surrounded by elite level talent. Same situation he set himself up with Tampa Bay. There’s no surprise that the two teams he’s been linked to the most are the 49ers and Dolphins. That’s it, it’s Miami, San Francisco or bust for Brady... If he comes back, his mission is to play one season, win the Super Bowl and get out of there.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Tom Brady's vague comments about his potential return to the NFL, which may lead him to joining the Miami Dolphins! Listen to the full segment above!