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The NBA's Inconsistency Has Been on Full Display During These Playoffs

Photo: Mitchell Leff

Robert Guerra: “I think this is a horrible look for the NBA, period. You can’t have the firestorm that they’ve had the last 48 hours with the Draymond stop, and suspension, and then have a similar incident happen and have a different punishment. I understand the suspension for Draymond, because of priors and his history. But in the heat of the moment, the stomp is not much different than the kick to the groin.”
Chris Broussard: “This is, to me, isn’t much different from what Draymond Green did to Sabonis. You don’t like a man stepping over you, nor do you like a man grabbing your leg... You can’t tell me what Joel just did isn’t a Flagrant 2 and an ejection? ... I think the NBA is going to get roasted tomorrow. I’m not even asking for a suspension, I’m just saying there’s no way Embiid should’ve been allowed to stay in this game.”
Rob Parker: “The reason that they didn’t was because Embiid didn’t connect that specific area. But the intent was there, though... I don’t think a Flagrant 2 and ejection was warranted. If Claxton went down and doubled over, then it might be a different story.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard, Rob Parker and producer Rob Guerra react to Philadelphia 76ers C Joel Embiid kicking Brooklyn Nets F Nick Claxton during Game 3 of the two team’s playoff series against each other. Listen to the full segment above!