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Colin Cowherd Rips Celtics: 'We Saw Their Ceiling, There's No Turbo Boost'

Colin Cowherd: “Boston is the better team. I don’t understand why it’s 3-2, I don’t understand why these games are as close… All the concerns with the Celtics we saw again last night. Jayson Tatum shrinks, 1 for 10 on threes. Rookie head coach, did he get out-coached by a veteran head coach, Quin Snyder? They couldn’t stop a red hot point guard like they couldn’t stop Steph Curry last year. Who is their real leader? Jaylen Brown was the star last night. The series shouldn’t be this close, they’re dominated the glass. They have 274 points in the paint. They have two legit stars, we don’t even know if Atlanta players like Trae Young. Why didn’t they embrace him after the three-point shot. The Celtics are a great passing team, they’re a better defensive team, so even if the Celtics win, why are they leading by like five or six points late in games? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. We’ve seen it for three years— they’re just different variations of ‘pretty good.’ They don’t have a turbo boost like the Warriors do with an all-time great Steph. They don’t have a turbo boost like the ‘Heatles’ had led by LeBron and D-Wade. Most all-time great teams have two great players, do the Celtics even have one? This series shouldn’t be close. Better defense, dominating on the interior, playing together for years, great culture, everybody likes everybody… Everybody likes Jayson Tatum, but again last night, I feel like Jaylen Brown is the more aggressive alpha in the relationship who I want taking big shots. I watch that game and I come out with ‘they’re just good.’ Where is the turbo boost? Why can’t they put this team away? It doesn’t make a lot of sense on paper. Are the Celtics just ‘good’? We’ve seen the ceiling, there is no turbo boost, there is nothing there beyond what they currently are. They should be clobbering this teams.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s lost faith in the Celtics ever winning an NBA Finals championship, as the perennial playoff underachievers are once again underwhelming vs. an outgunned Hawks team.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why he thinks the Celtics have already reaching their ceiling, and why Jayson Tatum isn’t the star player we thought he was going to become.

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