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Jason Smith: "Will Levis Should Be Off the Board Early on Day 2"

Photo: Stacy Revere

Jason Smith: “Here’s the good news for Will Levis, the first three picks of the second round go like this: the Steelers, Cardinals, and then it’s the Lions. If I was any one of those three teams, I would take Will Levis. This is a guy that had a really high draft grade on him in the first round, and these are all teams that could use him to be their future. Plus, if his toe injury is bothering him, he could sit, and gain experience. I’m sorry Pittsburgh, but Kenny Pickett stinks. Depending on Kyler Murray’s timetable for return, Levis could slot in right away. Also, are the Lions really believers in Jared Goff? He could compete for that job... Even if these three teams pass, the Rams have that 5th spot in the second round, and he’d be a solid one for them.”
Mike Harmon: “The Rams make sense, but I’m looking at Detroit. I thought they’d take him at 18. But a lot of these other teams have so many other needs... I would suspect his wait tomorrow won’t be very long. I would suspect the Rams take him, or Hendon Hooker.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss Kentucky QB Will Levis’ free fall down the board during the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft. Both Jason and Mike believe he is a hot commodity in Day 2, and won’t wait very long because teams within the first five picks could use him! Listen to the segment above!