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Should the Lakers Really Sit LeBron James for Game 5?

Photo: Harry How

Mike Greenberg suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers should consider resting LeBron James for game 5 of their 2nd round series vs. the Golden State Warriors and is being lambasted by fans across the board. But Doug thinks Greenie isn’t completely crazy. The entire Lakers squad is gassed, especially King James, and he could use more than a single day to rest and recuperate. While it is laughable to leave him off the court if he’s healthy, getting him some rest in a game they are likely to lose might provide the rest he needs to dominate in game 6 and into the next round.

Doug Gottlieb: “If you’ve been watching, you know the Lakers are gassed...gassed! And one day off inbetween series games does not help you rehab. And while I think the idea of leaving him home is laughable, I do believe that Mike Greenberg, who suggested they not bring LeBron James, he ain’t that far off.”