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Chris Broussard: Steve Kerr Planted a Seed for the Officials, & It Worked

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Chris Broussard: I think Kerr used the right word, ‘gamesmanship,’ because that’s what it is and what he’s engaging in. He was planting a seed for the officials, and it worked. Kerr played for Phil Jackson, who used to always do that when they were in the playoffs: complain about the officials to plant a seed. The Warriors ended up getting a favorable whistle yesterday... Now, Darvin Ham and LeBron James aren’t lying when they say ‘they don’t teach flopping.’ They don’t run flopping drills in practice. But every team flops, and tries to sell a call. Call it semantics, but LeBron is a historic flopper.”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the result of Steve Kerr’s comments about the officials in following Game 4. In Game 5, the Warriors were on the side of a beneficial flopping call, and Chris and Rob both believe this is just classic gamesmanship. Listen to the full segment above!