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Colin Cowherd: The Expectations We Should Have For Jordan Love This Season

Colin Cowherd: “It worked with Aaron Rodgers [sitting behind Brett Favre], but I think it’s been hard for Jordan Love. How assertive can you be? How much leadership can you show? Love said yesterday [of finally get the starting job] ‘it’s exciting, I can be the guy, I can be vocal, I can lead.’ Most of the time when you’re a young guy and take over a team— Joe Burrow in Cincinnati, the coach is unproven and something is bad, like the o-line is terrible. The Chargers, Justin Herbert comes in, Anthony Lynn is the coach, and the o-line is terrible. This is the rare situation where the fans are kind of over Aaron because he couldn’t even beat Detroit at home to get to the playoffs, so you’re not replacing Aaron post-Super Bowl. Not only do you have a coach who has won, a very good o-line, a star running back, some winning momentum, but I also think off of last season there is not a ton of pressure to be great. If you thought he was Derek Carr but moved better, I think you’d be overjoyed. We know he’s not Mahomes, or they wouldn’t have signed Aaron to an extension, and we don’t think he’s Zach Wilson. My guess is ‘can he be the 15th best quarterback in the NFL?’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the prospects of Jordan Love starting for the Green Bay Packers next season, and how much Packers fans should expect from Aaron Rodgers’ heir apparent.

Check out the segment above as Colin details what he thinks are the expectations should be for the third-year rookie who has effectively warmed Green Bay's bench for two years.

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