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Victor Wembanyama Is Going to Be Something Special


As the NBA postseason nears completion, Dan turns his attention to the upcoming NBA Draft Lottery and who will land French phenom Victor Wembanyama. The 19-year-old is the consensus projected top pick in the Draft with many, including NBA players, calling him a generational talent. Dan and the Danettes compare and contrast the hype surrounding Wembanyama to that of other “can’t-miss” players in history like LeBron James.

Dan Patrick: “You’ve got a sure thing in Victor Wembanyama. He’s going to be a generational talent, or at least we think he’s going to be...Wembanyama has touch, has handles, runs the floor, his mom was a basketball player, his mom’s dad was a basketball player, I think his father was a track athlete, so it’s in his genes. And then you have, you know, Giannis (Antetokounmpo) is talking (about him), you know there’s a lot of NBA players co-signing on this saying, you know this guy is going to be something special.”