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James Harden is Going to Get a Hard Dose of Reality this Offseason

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

Jason Smith: “It’s being reported that James Harden will opt out of his final year with the 76ers, and is seeking a new 4-year contract as sort of his ‘last bite at the apple...’ Let me say this to James Harden: good luck with that. He’s going to eat the biggest reality sandwich of his life. Kevin Durant didn’t have a big market when he wanted out... If teams didn’t think they were a Kevin Durant away, do you think they’ll be in on James Harden, who is pretty much a #3 on a team. What contender is going to say ‘we are a James Harden away’? He’s going to get a huge dose of reality, because the market is going to get really small, very fast.”
Mike Harmon: “It only takes one, and that’s where we’re at with James Harden. There were a couple of games where he took over, and still have a huge impact. To their detriment, I’m not the head of these NBA teams, and I sure wouldn’t sign him to four years of guarantee money. But it takes one, and given the way these playoffs are going, with how successful lower seeds have been, someone could see him as a piece tom bring in to help push them.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to the report of James Harden wanting to opt out of his deal with the 76ers this offseason. Jason believes no one will want to pay him this offseason, because he’s under delivered everywhere he’s gone. Listen to the full segment above!