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The Simple Reason Why LeBron James Stole the Nuggets' Headlines

Photo: Harry How

Doug Gottlieb: "The business of covering sports is no different than Top-40 radio: play the hits. And maybe that's the genius to LeBron, in that in the moment we could be talking about his team's demise, he throws some chum in the water and that grabs our attention, because it's LeBron James. You may have fatigue with the coverage of LeBron James. I may have fatigue with the coverage of LeBron James. But that's simply the way it works. I pushed back against this for years. But if there is no metric that says you should talk Denver Nuggets basketball in the middle of the season, then there's nothing to talk about. They're awesome. I defended Jokic (during the MVP debate). But acting like covering the Nuggets after a win should parallel the discussion of whether or not LeBron James is going to retire is laughable in the business of television and radio."

Doug Gottlieb responds to media members frustrated over the lack of coverage the Denver Nuggets have received since advancing to the NBA Finals. Doug gives insight on the inner workings of sports media and breaks down why simple numbers, and not bias, guide what topics take precedence on given days, making LeBron James' allusions to retirement the logical lead story despite an impressive sweep of the Lakers by the Nuggets.