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Josef Newgarden Joins FSR After Winning the Indy 500

The 107th Running of Indianapolis 500

Photo: Getty Images

After winning the Indy 500, Josef Newgarden joins Chris Plank to talk about kissing the bricks, celebrating with fans in the stands and getting a huge win for Team Penske.

Chris Plank: "I got to know, did you know there was an area where you can get between the fence and the the barrier and get to the stands? Did you know that little spot there, had you scouted that out?"
Josef Newgarden: "Oh yeah, I've been thinking about that for many years. This is my 12th attempt and I said look, if I'm lucky enough to win this race, I want to experience the energy of the crowd because I know what it's like here in Indiana. There's nothing else like it in the world and how cool would that be? I don't want to climb the fence, I want to go through the fence and I want to see what people are feeling in that moment and share it with them,. And so just to have a glimpse of that, to me, it made the whole thing worth it."