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Kyrie Irving gets Saved by Mavericks with Contract Out of His League

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “Kyrie Irving was smart he’s the one guy going, 'ok nobody else is going to pay me so I have to do this really fast,' and how fast did he say he’s staying in Dallas with the Mavericks? You heard how many insiders say there is no market for Kyrie Irving. Any team that would want him would want him in some cheap deal where they can get out of it after a year, 'but hey here’s Dallas who gave up a little for me and maybe I can sit here and convince Mark Cuban how good I am and I can stay.'”
Mike Harmon: “You decide you needed that name guy and your super star endorsed it so you moved into the process, but the history would have said ‘no we will be ok, Luka lets find you another guy not necessarily that he has to be younger just not that guy.’ But that he had this evaluation for a three year deal, what were they competing against, what other teams came out in the washes that were laying out a heavy offer to Kyrie Irving.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss Kyrie Irving resigning with the Mavericks and how it could have been the only option for the super star PG. Listen to the full segment above!