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Jonathan India’s Dad Chooses Fandom over Family

Photo: Carmen Mandato

Cincinnati Reds 2B Jonathan India recently admitted that his father watches Mets games live and tapes his own son’s at-bats to watch later. Steve Covino & Rich Davis, filling in for Dan Patrick, engage in a spirited debate with the crew about competing loyalties between a favorite team and family.

Rich Davis: “Jonathan India, he’s like a borderline all-star type of player. He’s a great player but his dad is watching polar bear Pete Alonso instead?”

Steve Covino: “Makes total sense to me...”

Rich: “What!”

Steve: “I understand it’s a story for a reason because some people are shocked by this. To me, if you’re a diehard, you already explained it; a diehard fan, you expect somebody to jump ship just because of this?”

Rich: “Yes!”

Steve: “I think he’s handling it perfect as a dad...”

Rich: This is lunacy!”