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This Altercation Was A Wakeup Call For Victor Wembanyama's Rise To Fame


Dan Beyer: "What an absolute wake up call, and I emphasize with everything she went through...but it seems the security guard was doing his job and protecting Wembanyama and she just happened to be the casualty of it."
Rich Ohrnberger: "Because it's Britney Spears it is going to be a very public charade..I really don't know who to feel sorry for in this situation."

On this episode of Covino and Rich, Dan Beyer and Rich Ohrnberger fill in for the guys and discuss the recent altercation between Britney Spears and San Antonio Spurs Rookie sensation Victor Wembanyama. The guys go into depth on the altercation and talk shop on why this is a wake up call and cautionary tale for the young star before he has even played on the court.