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Holdup Over Pac-12 TV Deal is Delaying Conference Expansion

Photo: Loren Orr

Dan Patrick: "It still feels like San Diego State is going to the Pac-12. SMU will be going to the Pac-12. Boise State I guess is a chance, it was referred to me as a 'longshot.' They may be looking to add 4 schools here, with UNLV and Boise State. These are some of the things that have been transpiring behind the scenes since San Diego State opted out of the Mountain West. And a lot of people looked at that and said 'they're making a mistake here.' No, they no what they're doing. I think they thought the Pac-12 was going to embrace them. Why is it that the LIV Tour can get a TV deal, but the Pac-12 can't get a TV deal?!"

Dan Patrick gives the latest on what he's heard regarding the impending Pac-12 expansion. Dan breaks down why the pending status for the Pac-12's new TV deal is preventing the likes of San Diego State, SMU, and Boise State from completing a move to the major conference.