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Debating Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter's Answers on Their Best Seasons

Photo: Patrick Smith

Steve Covino: "There's no name on the back because they play for the name on the front, that was how Jeter played the game, and if you played to win and you won during those years, why is it hard to believe that those were his best years?"
Rich Davis: "While I get the sentiment of that selfish vs team player, am I the only one who heard Jeter and was like "what a nerd" and then heard A-Rod and felt he answered the question!?"

On this episode of Covino and Rich, Steve Covino and Rich Davis talked about Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez's best season and why they answered so differently. The guys go into depth on why both Jeter and A-Rod answered differently and got into a debate about who handled the question better.