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LeBron James’ Cringeworthy Announcement Was Unnecessary

Photo: Frazer Harrison

There was a sports awards show last night where LeBron James received an award and then took that opportunity to make an announcement nobody was waiting to hear. Dan and the Danettes feel the cringe as King James told everyone how lucky we are that he has decided not to retire, as though anybody had a doubt he would return. It was just another example of James inserting himself in the news for no reason other than to flex his star power.

Dan Patrick: “I wasn’t waiting for an announcement. I got one. And then ESPN is treating it like it’s breaking news. And I went; you know what’s breaking news? If he retired! Not that he’s coming back. Who thought that he might retire?”

Danettes: “Nooooo-body!”

Dan: “It just is needy, and you don’t need it.”