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Colin Cowherd: Why the New York Giants Are in Big Trouble

Colin Cowherd: “Today is a big day for the New York Giants. If by 4pm ET and 1pm our time, they don’t come to a long-term agreement with Saquon Barkley, he’s franchise tagged. They probably have to sign him to a long-term contract. Daniel Jones’ worst year with his lowest passer rating was in 2020. That was the year Saquon Barkley played like a game and was hurt. This is what happens when you have a very average quarterback that you’ve committed nearly $40 million a year to, and for you to be good he has to flourish, and they’re totally dependent on Saquon Barkley being there. Four years in, if Daniel Jones has less than 100 rushing yards behind him, he’s BAD. He’s TOTALLY dependent on a run-game. This is an illustration of why New York teams are seemingly for the last decade always a mess. They’ve got lots of money and they think they can buy championships. It looks like the Giants owner meddled in these negotiations and signed him [Daniel Jones] to a long-term deal because he looks like Eli Manning, had the same college coach as Eli Manning, and Eli Manning took a while to get going, but Eli was an a lot more talented college quarterback than Daniel Jones. The Giants are trying to recover from a previously incompetent head coach and incompetent general manager. It’s also a roster, like the Jets, where most of your talent is on the wrong side of the ball, but the Jets went out and got Aaron Rodgers and the Giants are stuck with Daniel Jones. The over/under for the Giants is a very reasonable 7.5 wins, but I'd bet the under, 7-10. They’re in this mess because Dave Gettleman tried to buy a bunch of players and almost none of them worked. What the Giants are, and it’s a bad place to be in sports, they’re TRAPPED.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the volatile contract extension negotiations between Saquon Barkley and the New York Giants, as Colin details how incredibly handcuffed the Giants really are.  

Check out the segment above as Colin explains the rotten predicament New York finds themselves in a nd why it properly sums up the current predicament of all New York sports teams. 

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