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Jason Smith: “Angels Not Doing Themselves Any Favors Letting Ohtani Walk”

Photo: Ronald Martinez

Baseballs hottest player, Shohei Ohtani will be a free agent in the coming off-season. With the Angels right at .500 and Mike Trout on the injury list Jason Smith and Mike Harmon debate whether or not the Angels should trade their star pitcher or keep him until the end of the season. Listen to the full segment above!

Jason Smith- “I don’t see how you don’t trade him, because if you’re not in the race he’s not going to resign with you. They tried how many years now and it’s not worked out and with the other best player in baseball and it has not worked out! So you are going to lose Shohei Ohtani...If you’re the angels you tried It this way with Ohtani it hasn’t worked so it’s time to try something new.”
Mike Harmon- “What is Arte Moreno really looking at from a winning perspective. He strikes me more of a business guy, ya he made all those moves, but losing him you are not getting money from Japanese television and advertising. He strikes me as a guy that after those two 2 months nothing they are getting back is going to take them to the promise land if they couldn’t do it with Trout and Ohtani!”