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Vegas Has Lost Its Mind When It Comes to the Lions Taking the NFC!

Photo: Stacy Revere

Vegas has come out with the 2023 NFL Odds and on top of the NFC is the Detroit Lions. Rob Parker and Alan Lee react to the Vegas odds and let us know if they are buying into the Lions hype! Listen to the full segment above!

Rob Parker- “I don’t know if the people in Vegas are crazy or whatever you want to call them but they aren’t just saying that the Lions aren’t going to win the NFC North, which are you ready they never done! The Lions have never won the NFC North! But Vegas says they are going to win the NFC...The Lions are not only going to not win the NFC  but they WONT even win the division!”
Alan Lee- “I think that finally the division has gotten to a point that it is so bad that the Lions have taken a step forward and that on offense and defense they have enough to win the division at least, but to win the NFC I don’t think so!”