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Brian Harman: Winning The Open Won’t Change My Life


The Open Champion Brian Harman joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He says he probably drank too many beers out of the Claret Jug and after looking inside, realized the inside of that thing is filthy and needs to be scrubbed. He talks about how much tough the fans were as they made it clear they didn’t want him to be the winner. And he is adamant that his life won’t change after winning The Open considering he’s already 36-years-old with 3 children and already loves things just the way they are.

Dan Patrick: “How will life change?”

Brian Harman: “Hopefully, not at all...”

Dan: “So you don’t want it to change? Like, you don’t want to be bigger?”

Brian: “I don’t man! I’m a grown-up! I’m 36. I got 3 kids. I was changing diapers and stuff; I was up at 6 feeding my son Jack a bottle. I mean how much can life change? If I was 25 and something like this happens, you know, the temptation would be there, but I love my life! I got things I love to do; I got a family that’s incredible so, it’s not going to change. It just won’t.”