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Rob Parker: All NFL Running Backs Should Sit Out Week 1 Demanding Pay Raise

Nick Chubb: “Right now it’s just talking, there really is nothing we can do. We’re kind of handcuffed with the situation. What I took from it—McCaffrey, Derrick Henry, and Saquon all had a lot of good points, but the biggest thing is we’re the only position that our production hurts us the most. If we go out there and run for 2,000 yards with so many carries, the next year they’re probably going to say that you’re ‘worn down.’ To go out there and do good, it hurts us at the end of the day.” 

Rob Parker: “Nick Chubb, hello? Is this thing on?? [taps microphone]. YOU’RE NOT HAMSTRUNG. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING?? YES, YOU GUYS CAN DO SOMETHING. STAND TOGETHER, BE UNITED. PUSH BACK! You ever heard of the ‘blue flu’? That’s what the cops do when they’re not happy with their contract, they all call in sick on the same day. How about the ‘running back flu’? How about Week 1 all the running backs decide they got a pulled hammy. How are they going to tell you whether you do or not? All of you sit out game 1 to let them know that we’re not going to accept this. That’s what you have to do. STOP THE SHOW! HELLO?? YOU WANT TO GET PEOPLE’S ATTENTION? STOP THE SHOW! STOP THE MONEY FLOW! NICK CHUBB, THIS IS WHY YOU GUYS ARE IN THIS SITUATION. THEY HAVE YOU BAMBOOZLED INTO THINKING YOU HAVE NO LEVERAGE AND YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING. When people feel like they’re oppressed or not given the right opportunity, that’s how unions got started. The owners didn’t do right by them, they formed together, and they stopped working. Unions were formed and better working conditions were made for people. I’m not saying that they’re perfect because God knows the NFL Players Association is GARBAGE and they set these guys up to where they can’t do anything. They’re in a trick bag because of this ridiculous franchise tag they agreed to.” 

Watch Rob Parker call out top NFL running backs for their feeble attempt to increase pay wages at their dwindling position, as Parker believes the only way to truly administer change around the league is for every NFL running back to unite and sit out Week 1 due to an ‘injury.’

Check out the segment above as Parker disagrees with the notion of running backs having the lowest value they’ve ever had at any point in NFL history, and says you can’t win in this league without a capable ground game.

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