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The Aaron Rodgers Pay Cut Is A Long Play

New York Jets Training Camp

Photo: Getty Images North America

Jason Smith: “It’s not often that a player gives back $33 million dollars if they don’t have to, but that’s exactly what Aaron Rodgers did today... this doesn’t happen to the Jets. We don’t get this kind of fortune or good luck. I feel like the games are gonna come up and we’re gonna start 0-9, and Ashton Kutcher is gonna pop up!”
Mike Harmon: “Short term concessions to help the team, but eventually...he’s gonna get that cash. It doesn’t just get left into the ether. He just gave away all that money, technically in the moment he has...but it’ll come back.”

On today’s edition of The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon, Jason & Mike reacted to the new of Aaron Rodgers pay cut with the New York Jets this year, and Jason can hardly believe that good things are happening for the Jets! However, Mike’s here to explain why the bill always comes due!