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Dalvin Cook Tells Dan Patrick: Running Backs Play A Game Within The Game

Photo: Stephen Maturen

Free agent NFL RB Dalvin Cook joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He talks about the teams interested in his services, including the New York Jets who he will be meeting with this weekend. He says he tried to model his game after the great Marshall Faulk. And he talks about the difficult position NFL running backs find themselves in considering the better they perform, the higher their usage becomes, which then lowers their value.

Dan Patrick: “If you rush for 2,000 yards, as Nick Chubb said, then nobody wants you because you’ve got 2,000 yards on your body. So the better you are it’s like it hurts you it feels like down the road of getting paid. Crazy! Nobody else in the sport is affected that way.”

Dalvin Cook: “Yeah, it’s a weird position to be in because, like you said, if you’re great at what you do at the position, they want to give you the ball 350 to 400 times a year. But then you run for 1,800 yards and the next year you got too much on your body and they don’t want to give you the money.”

Dan: “Yeah.”

Dalvin: “So it’s like a weird position to be in so you got to kind of time it up perfectly when you want to go be explosive. You got to kind of play a game.”