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Dalvin Cook Wants Some of Aaron Rodgers’ New Vibe in New York

Photo: Rich Schultz

Free agent NFL RB Dalvin Cook said the chance of him signing with the New York Jets is “pretty high” and Doug thinks he knows why. He figures it’s because Aaron Rodgers seems like a completely new man now that he’s out of Green Bay and is collecting a merry band of men to take on the league. Even though they haven’t played a game yet, Aaron Rodgers’ change of attitude is making the once lowly Jets a desired destination for players.

Doug Gottlieb: “(Aaron Rodgers) is conducting the best vibe in the NFL. Granted, haven’t played a game, haven’t lost a game, haven’t been booed at home, all these things haven’t happened but there is something to that change of scenery which has clearly energized him and changed him for the better.”