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Jason Smith: “The PAC-12 Can Only Blame Themselves for its Destruction"

Photo: Rebecca Noble

Jason Smith: “Just think about what the PAC -12 was from the beginning of the Carson Palmer dynasty at USC. Then you had the Leinart-Bush years, Washington won a National Championship in the 90’s, and Jim Harbaugh was at Stanford. You’re looking at a conference, in that time, was a national power, and now everyone is gone. It should have never happened for the PAC-12 because it was a complete and total mismanaging... There are two types of leaders. You have leaders that have vision and want to grow what they’re doing forward in any way possible. That’s the SEC. But then you have the PAC-12 had Larry Scott, who didn’t want to screw things up or rock the boat. They didn’t get a big TV contract, or invite anyone else in, because they thought what they had was ‘too good’ and quite frankly, they just got passed by everyone else.”

Jason Smith and Steve DeSaegher discuss the complete destruction of the PAC-12 Conference, and breakdown why poor leadership was the catalyst that drove them to their downfall. Listen to the full segment above!