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Conference Realignment Is an Embarrassing Hypocritical Cash-Grab


The NCAA Division 1 conference realignment saw major movement over the weekend with the dismantling of the Pac-12 and Dan Patrick is pulling any punches when calling out the NCAA conference commissioners and athletic directors. From the complete lack of planning by Larry Scott and the Pac-12 to the long-term effect on “student athletes,” Dan calls out the NCAA for as they flip our notion of collegiate athletics on its head with no regard for anything other than making as much money as they can.

Dan Patrick: “Please do not use the expression ‘student athlete’ anytime. Don’t do it. Because they’re not student athletes, they are athletes, and this was all about a cash grab. All of these commissioners, all of these athletic directors; please do not bring up, ‘Well they get a free (education), they get a scholarship...’ They make millions for your schools. That’s why you have realignment. Everybody wants their money. They want ‘the bag’ as Deion (Sanders) likes to say. It’s hypocritical...It’s embarrassing, it really was the way this all unfolded.”