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Rob Parker: "The Jets Are The Next Mets!"

Photo: Stephen Maturen

Veteran NFL RB Dalvin Cook is planning on signing a one-year deal with the Jets after the Viking failed to resign the elite back. Rob Parker and Kerry Rhodes react to the signing and Rob gives a hot take comparing the Jets to its MLB counterpart the New York Mets. Listen to the full segment above!

Rob Parker: “Don’t make the same mistake that you made going into the baseball season! Don’t believe the hype! Don’t buy into the idea that the Jets keep adding players and oh my god they have a dream team and they are getting going to the super bowl! I’m here to tell you that paper doesn’t win jack! The roster doesn’t mean a thing! The New York Jets could end up being the New York Mets!”
Kerry Rhodes: “As a Jets ‘stan’’s been a long time there has been no hype around this team for at least 10 years now, the hype is real right now! You bring in a MVP hall of fame quarterback to a team if you had him last year you would have had a chance at the playoffs and chance to compete!”