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Colin Cowherd Mocks Michigan Sign-Stealing Scandal: 'It's a Dumb Rule'

Colin Cowherd: “It’s funny how things sound different over time. Smoking pot, gay marriage, gambling on sports.... Ten years ago—stigma. ‘I’M NOT SURE THAT’S APPROPRIATE!’ Now you look like a dork. Now you look like a hater, like you’re a dinosaur. Just two years ago the most egregious thing you could do in college sports was buy a high school player. You know what that’s called today? It’s called ‘business’, it’s not a stigma. When I hear ‘Connor Stallings, a low-level staffer, was not the only person who bought tickets to several Big Ten games...’ Yeah, that would have taken road trips, sitting in line for hours for tickets—it would have felt sinister. Now—two words: Seat Geek, one click, I’ve got all of them in five minutes. Camcorders, setting it up, press box, in the stands, 1994... that does sound sinister. But i-Phone at the game? Taping the coach as the crowd moves? A lot of things sound outrageous even three years ago. Buying a football player was the worst thing you could do—’DEATH PENALTY!’ ‘CLOSE THE SCHOOL!’ ‘DISBAND THE PROGRAM!’ It’s business today and almost everybody is doing it. ‘SeatGeek’ and ‘i-Phone', you’ve never said those words and thought they were sinister... cause they’re not. If you think something is dumb, outdated, and has never really been enforced, you can’t pivot very quickly to ‘OUTRAGED.’ I’m not interested in your outrage, the internet is full of it. About once a year we have something that is sickening, disgusting, it can be international, it can be domestic... this doesn’t land like this. This is a dumb rule that is outdated. Why they initiated it is just because poor programs complained that rich programs had advantages. Like Michigan didn’t have an advantage over Iowa forever? What they didn’t want in 1994 was a camcorder, like video equipment. They didn’t know the i-Phone was going to be around. This is advanced scouting, I’m not denying that, but if you want me to be outraged on it, I’m not and you can’t talk me into it.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd mock the severity of the developing Michigan Wolverines football sign-stealing scandal and scoff at those ‘outraged’ by the allegations.

Check out the segment above as Cowherd details why he thinks the illegal surveillance regulations are a ‘dumb and outdated’ rule that is now being enforced out of the ‘envy’ towards superior programs like Michigan.

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